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Choosing Survival

How I Endured a Brutal Attack and a Lifetime of Trauma through the Power of Action, Choice, and Self Expression

This story, my story, was not an easy one to tell.  It has not been an easy one to live.  By 21, I had already had my fair share of struggles.  Clinical depression often hid behind my smile, but, deep down, I never lost hope.  Not really.  As I began to heal and find my place in the world, something unthinkable happened. 


I awoke with a man, a stranger, in my bed.  Then he stabbed me.  Seven times.  I lost 21 pints of blood.  Statistically, I should not have survived.  Yet here I am.  Telling my story.  Candidly, honestly, courageously.  Hoping that I may help others do the same. 


To heal.  To hope.  And above all else, to love.  

"Lynn Forney writes with lyricism, grace, and heartbreaking authenticity and transforms the darkest trauma in her life into an amazing and inspirational story of survival and triumph. A must-read." 

-- Cara Lockwood, USA Today bestselling author

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